Evaluation question #6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
The camera I used for the production of my magazine was a Nikon D40. I already knew how to use this camera to a basic level. But to create the photos that I desired I had to learn how to use some of the features which I wasn't too familiar with. To do this I spoke to friends with the same camera, and also googled questions that I was unsure of. I feel that this camera worked well to deliver a studio quality finish to my photos as well being easy to use.

I used my macbook extensively throughout the production of my magazine. This has helped me extensively to create a brilliant finished product. Without this I would have been forced to work on one of the school computers which would have kept me behind quite a few hours. With having my own laptop I could work from home, when I wanted, which helped me to stay on top of production work.

I used my iPhone 4 a lot during production, this helped me to continue my work from home as well as on the move. I could constantly check and update my blog, as well as receive emails regarding posts and people posting on my blog. I could also send files from and to my phone to work on.

Photoshop is the main editing programme that I used throughout production. Although quite competent originally with photoshop, I feel that my skills have come on a lot since creating my magazine. I am now more familiar with tools and shortcuts within photoshop.This is a screenshot during the production process on my mac using photoshop. As you can see I used grids to ensure that all of the words and the pictures lined up equally ensuring that professional finish.

I used the apple software included on my mac, Pages to write the script for my interview, this helped to make sure that all spelling and grammer was correct.One of the most obvious pieces of technology I have used is Blogger. This helped me to create a blog and constantly updating it making my work accessible to teachers, myself and other students. I have also used it to see what others think of my work.

On my other original class blog I posted questions like the one seen above, this helped me to make further decisions on the basic ones I had.

The main thing that I have learnt though, is that although magazines on the shelves seem appear as an easy process, churned out month by month, they are in fact a lot more complex than that. Having to take hours myself perfecting just one photo I know understand and appreciate the amount of time and effort that is put into creating just a front cover, let alone various pages.

Evaluation question #5

How did you attract/address your audience?

I chose that to keep the particular house style that I was after, which is quite formal with a more upmarket feel i would address the audience very formally but also using as little words as possible, even for the headlines on the front cover. This worked well for various reasons, partly so that I didn’t write to much for and end up losing my house style as it could of been considered to formal, or in some respects quite feminine. I thought that keeping the words down will also make it a lot easier to read as you aren’t forever darting back and forth reading a lot. Also it left most of the words down to the readers interpretations, so if the reader themselves were quite formal then they might seen the magazine as a formal upmarket magazine, where as if they were more inner-city type youths they make read it and feel as though the magazine appeals to them with their use of language.

It also helped to tie in with the house theme of minimalism, creating clean spaces not only on the front cover but also in the contents as well as the double page spread.

Evaluation question #4

Who would be the audience for your media product?
I believe that the audience for my media product would mainly be males aged between 17-24 with a particular taste in street culture, fashion and of course hip hop music. This is due mainly to the genre of the magazine, but also that I would not expect an older reader to want to read about street art or sneakers.

This is the particular sort of person that I would expect to buy my magazine, from the image you can see that he is very clean cut with a well fitting t-shirt and short clean shorts. Both his shoes are clean with no dirt showing that he takes pride in his appearance, this would be the sort of person I would reach out to as they appear to have an interest in fashion trends and clearly sneakers. With this is they are more than likely going to have an interest in hip hop music (as this person does).

Evaluation question #3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I feel as though a more successful media institution would publish and distribute my magazine, one similar to Hearst. With a repertoire of other up-market magazine with a high volume of sales. I feel that this is down to the fact that my magazine would be a big seller within the new breed of hip hop fans, such as kanye and cudi fans. Having other up-market magazine in their repertoire shows that they have a history of creating formal magazine that work for the masses and not just the unique people.