Evaluation question #5

How did you attract/address your audience?

I chose that to keep the particular house style that I was after, which is quite formal with a more upmarket feel i would address the audience very formally but also using as little words as possible, even for the headlines on the front cover. This worked well for various reasons, partly so that I didn’t write to much for and end up losing my house style as it could of been considered to formal, or in some respects quite feminine. I thought that keeping the words down will also make it a lot easier to read as you aren’t forever darting back and forth reading a lot. Also it left most of the words down to the readers interpretations, so if the reader themselves were quite formal then they might seen the magazine as a formal upmarket magazine, where as if they were more inner-city type youths they make read it and feel as though the magazine appeals to them with their use of language.

It also helped to tie in with the house theme of minimalism, creating clean spaces not only on the front cover but also in the contents as well as the double page spread.


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